A space to delve deeper

Words by Charles Roberson

A space for self-enquiry to explore a new definition of fitness. Like us, have you ever found it difficult connecting to meaningful experiences moving your body? 

The origins of Rise found their form in the world of online fitness. In the years leading up now we increasingly noticed the absence of fitness platforms which embraced the mind body connection. 

The experiential gap between the yoga and meditation space and the world of online fitness felt progressively jarring. Feeling disconnected with the mainstream approach we became convinced we needed to take conscious steps towards creating a new experience of exercise. 

A new way to move your body

The philosophy of Rise centres around the interrelationship of our physical and mental lives and a desire to move deeper. We are seeking to nurture an intimate connection with the way we move our bodies. 

Through immersive experiences that invite explorative qualities and restorative pleasure we’re igniting the senses and softening the mind. Merging ancient rituals with modern practices, movement anchored to mindfulness provides a new destination for physical fitness and embodied wellbeing. Allowing people to discover practices which best align with their lifestyle. 

Rise is a continuation of the private realm devoted to experience, health and wellbeing. We can refresh and rejuvenate at home while we work-in and work-out. Harnessing our energy as a place of inquiry and discovery. Enlivening experience through our sensations and building clarity through the cultivation of insight. Rise is our time to strengthen and rest the body and mind. 

A new place to move your body 

From our airy and minimalist website to our naturalistic spaces every element of Rise is respectfully responding to the belief that well-considered design improves our lives.

With a warm and intimate online experience we’ve helped bridge the gap between on-and-offline. Inviting us to inhabit a sensorial and tranquil atmosphere in our own spaces. From this refuge of beauty we are free to explore our senses and dedicate time and energy into a practice of embodied self-care.

A new experience of Strength and HIIT

To renew the experience of HIIT and strength we looked to the ancient knowledge of vipassana (insight meditation) and the embodied wisdom of yoga. Integrating the principles of these ancient traditions into relatively modern practices helped enable us to turn attention inwards, awaken the senses and begin moving deeper. Mindfulness techniques allow us to embody experiences as they arise

We often found it difficult to resonate with the tone and energy found within the world of fitness. Emphasis is too often placed on appearance and weight based outcomes. Having never aligned with a lot of experiences out there, it was important for us to create a different tone and perspective of fitness. One which was paired with a holistic and embodied understanding of wellbeing. 

Our experiences begin to carve out space within ourselves that allow awareness and attention to gradually seep into our being. Exposing a more varied internal landscape and understanding of self. 

The inward search for sensations suggests we should challenge the status quo and move away from the narrow ways we experience our lives. Diving into the world of bodily-experience and personal understanding prompts us to examine how and why we are moving our bodies. 

We are moving with purpose.