Balance and awaken life force

Energetic Winds a 5 part yoga series

Introducing Series, a new section on the platform. Designed to be practiced in sequence, Marjon leads us on a five part journey to balance and awaken life force.

Honoring the three-thousand-year history of Yoga, Marjon takes us in-depth to explore some of its central philosophies and purposes. This sequence of practices introduces us to the concept of Prana, which, in yoga philosophy, represents the life force sustaining all living beings. Marjon's practices are designed to awaken our pranic energy. By delving into the five energetic winds, known as pancha prana vayus, through this ancient and metaphysical framework, we embark on a systematic approach to understanding the flow of energy within our bodies.

Word from Marjon

Prana is the vital life force that powers our lives. In the Samkhya school of Yoga philosophy, we are provided with a metaphysical framework to better relate to the practices of Yoga. It offers a deeper understanding into our subtle layers - with one that’s entirely made up of pranic energy. In this layer, the five energetic winds, or pancha prana vayus, describe the primary directions that our inner energy travels in powering our cellular function, metabolic activity, mind and many other aspects of our entire being.

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