Reconnect with Self

Personal piece, by founder Chi

Finding moments to reconnect with yourself can be tricky – these days we can spend a lot of our down time on screens. But, whenever we are plugging into this non-physical, online ether we are puncturing the flow of our natural experience which is separating us from our bodies.

In my masters research, I explored how smartphones and social media can disembody, abstract and fragment our experience. I believe having a mindful relationship with yourself and being able to recognise how your phone use can impact your mood, energy and attention is one of the most pressing issues today (and a vital part of self-care – do things for you and not for perceived social validation). This was one of the motivations that led us to create Rise – which is all about empowerment through inner connection and personal growth.

What’s the problem with being disconnected from your body and self?

When we're disconnected from our bodies, it's possible to lose touch with our feelings, thoughts, emotions, and senses. This disconnection can prevent us from understanding the messages our bodies send us. We need to be mindful of these messages if we are to understand how they impact our personality, habits, behaviours and choices. Disconnection can look different to us all. But one question I would love for you to consider is, are you seeking distractions? Do you fill your time in ways which takes attention away from yourself? What do you feel connected to right now? What is blocking your energy? 

In a world where we can be disconnected without even realising it, the relentless stream of notifications and overwhelming flood of information can numb our minds and bodies. This overload disrupts our natural ability to process sensory data and follow our instincts and intuition.


Reconnection enables us to tune into our internal states, recognise emotions, and care for ourselves better. Prioritising oneself,  by slowing down, resting properly and attending to personal needs,  we are able to foster self-connection. While life is often a balancing act, it's essential to pause and listen to the wisdom of our bodies so we can find alignment and look after ourselves.

Release, regulate and reflect

Setting aside time for release, regulation, and reflection is essential to finding balance and stability in your health and wellbeing. Reconnecting with oneself may seem straightforward, yet it's paradoxically challenging. Slowing down can be difficult, and stopping altogether even more so. Our nervous systems are frequently in overdrive, making it tough to calm down enough to truly settle into the present moment. Plus, our minds or as they are often referred to as our 'monkey minds' can be relentlessly active, filled with constant and ceaseless chatter and inner dialogue. By routinely making time to release, regulate, and reflect, we create the space to slow and let go of tension, stress, anxiety and nervous energy. This helps us refresh, tune in and nurture a deeper sense of awareness and presence. 

It’s pretty simple, but my biggest recommendation is trying to limit screen time, especially in the mornings and evenings. By doing so you may also come to find that you feel much more spacious within yourself and you have a deeper sense of attention. When I spend time offline, I feel a sense of being whole – which counteracts the feelings of being depleted that being online makes me feel. Simply by being offline and off screens you can begin to find you feel like you have much more time, versus constantly feeling busy. Because of this, I do not use social media or check the news on my phone anymore. If I need to use social media on my phone (which for me is IG), I install it, use it, then uninstall it.

We are all subject to today's attention economy and susceptible to developing compulsive and addictive relationships with our phones and social media. We are set up to fail, to be addicted to our phones, so it’s no wonder we all struggle with addictions to technology. This is why we need boundaries in place to help us begin noticing just how mentally draining or physically taxing these things can be. Boundaries also protect us and allow for health and wellbeing to be prioritised.

Consider this: each day we all have 86,400 seconds, now imagine an equivalent sum of $86,400 in your bank account. Would you let someone steal $10 or $20 from you repeatedly? What about $1800 or $3600? Undoubtedly, the answer is no, yet we routinely give it to the digital giants.

We all know how alarmingly easy it is to allow precious, irreplaceable time slip away with aimless scrolling, absorbing whatever the algorithm wants us to. With every passing day, we unconsciously contribute to the profits of social media and internet giants by giving them our time and energy.

Our attention is the commodity they seek, and the more of our time we give, the more these companies profit. Your attention is purely a means to make more money for them and because of this, apps are designed to be addictive, preying on our brain's desire for dopamine and instant gratification. Have you ever found yourself on social media just out of habit or compulsion?

It is common to spend 30 minutes or even an hour each day on social media (1800-3600 seconds).

The question is, does being on social media actually enrich your life? When you're old and thinking back on fold memories, will spending time on social media be on the list?

Research is showing us the detrimental effects of excessive use of technology and social media, it leaves us feeling dissatisfied, disconnected, and disembodied.

So the question is, are you valuing and protecting your time? And can you recognise what in your life is making you feel disconnected? On the flip side, what are you doing and what can you do to feel more connected and in tune with yourself?

Remember, less is more and the best things in life are free. Having natural boundaries and creating personal space is an essential part of finding connection. It's important to feel connected and to be in tune. Through connection to self we can nurture our inner worlds, creating alignment and finding real fulfilment. 

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