Exploring the benefits of stretching

Stretching can help activate the parasympathetic nervous system, helping ease us into states of relaxation, alleviate muscle tension and soreness, as well as reducing stress and anxiety.

Integrating stretching into a recovery routine can be highly beneficial as it helps relax the muscles, improves blood circulation and alleviates soreness and stiffness. Stretching enhances our flexibility and joint mobility, which helps reduce the likelihood of injury and increases physical ability. After movement practices such as strength and HIIT stretching plays an important role in recovery as it combats fatigue, pain and soreness. (1)

Static stretching can be easily integrated into anyone's lifestyle. The gentle nature of these movements make them accessible to people at all levels of fitness and can be easily practiced in most places.

Stretching regularly also enables us to improve posture and alignment. Making it a really lovely way to counterbalance the effects of sitting down for long periods or engaging in repetitive activities.

“Releasing tension in the body, releases tension in the mind.”

The benefits of stretching extend beyond the physical. Ritualising moments of stretching into our daily routine is a simple way to invite stillness and calm, as we centre and connect to the breath. This practice will promote physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.



Do you have some spare time now to stretch for 5-10 minutes?

Are you able to weave a short stretch into your evening routine to help promote a rest and digest state?

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