Mindfulness and meditation

Mindfulness is a state of moment-to-moment awareness. Where we pay attention to what arises in our field of consciousness. Noticing our thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations and our surroundings such as sights and sounds with an open and curious attitude.

Being mindful involves accepting what arises in our experience without judgment or rejection. Insight meditation (also known as vipassana) is an ancient practice dating back thousands of years which helps us cultivate the mental quality we call mindfulness. When we meditate we deliberately observe our thoughts and feelings without attachment, we observe how our body responds, we witness the different range of emotions and responses that arise, yet we do not react.

Over time this practice can enable us to develop insight into our lives and surroundings. Whilst mindfulness reduces stress and can nurture positive emotions, its real power lies in its ability to transform how we live and relate to the world, encouraging us to be more skillful in how we process and respond.


Are there any 5 or 10 minute windows in your week where you could create some space for meditation? 

What would integrating a 5 or 10 minute meditation into your evening routine look like?

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