Timer-based movement — moving deeper

Working out and working in

Over time, as the pressures, excitement and demands of daily life accumulate, it is only natural for them to weigh on our emotional, mental and physical wellbeing. One little antidote and counter measure we can take is to make time for ourselves and inhabit spaces free from distractions. Here we are able to replenish and begin connecting to deeper parts of ourselves.

Our timer-based workout that works inwards

This inspired us to curate timer-based practices which create intimacy, energy and space. These practices are characterised by a neutral tone and encourage a gentle-independence, slowly integrating presence and intentionality into our movement. Timer-based practices don't feature the flow of an active teacher talking to you, but feature voiceover guidance and visual cues. This guidance is quite general making the experience become more internal, as there is no fixed person to follow. Doing this helps us experience ourselves however we are in any given moment. 

As we let go, we passively allow ourselves to detach from life's busyness, engendering personal and very internal experiences. These cathartic moments of space have the potential to soften and transform, giving us real and uninterrupted space and time to breathe.

“Instead of just working out we are able to shift and nurture our energy with care and intentionality as we create more meaningful experiences.”

Timer-based practices can be a caring prop to assist us cultivate more space. Replenishing our stores of energy and attention. 

Mixing movement and mindfulness adds a meditative quality into our experience, allowing us to sensually explore our body and mind, growing the awareness of what we are sensing. Enhancing the physical, emotional and mental release that can be intrinsic to moving our bodies. 

Instead of just working out we are able to shift and nurture our energy with care and intentionality, as we create more meaningful experiences. From places of inner-stillness we are more easily able to reflect and gain clarity about our needs. Whether it's emotional, mental, physical, intuitive, practical, or spiritual, we can use our own space and these practices of self-discovery to enhance and empower our lives.


Do you ever have 5-30 minutes of uninterrupted and undistracted attention in your day?

Do you make time to soften, relax and restore?

Would you benefit from more time and space with yourself? Just to be? To simply breathe?

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